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Proposed Idea For City and LP&L To File Property Liens

Beware bad debt creators. The city, its water department, and Lubbock Power & Light have a plan for cracking down. A proposed new ordinance would allow liens on certain properties to people who don't pay their bills. It would not include homesteads nor would it include houses where the tenant instead of the landlord is to blame.   

Late last year the Boardwalk apartments didn't pay its bill to LP&L. So, the power and water were cut off. Eventually, Boardwalk paid and service was restored. In many cases people in apartments cannot sign up for individual service. They have no choice but to rely upon management to pay the bills.  LP&L says this is getting to be a more frequent problem especially with out-of-town owners. 

The water department says the proposal for cracking down might be a good idea. "If someone is not paying their water bill, it would allow for us to impose a lien on your property. To clear the lien, they would have to pay their bills and fees because they're delinquent," said Aubrey Spear, Director of Water Utilities.

The idea of attaching liens on certain kinds of property for owners who don't pay their bills is just that, an idea.  The Water Advisory Commission looks at it on Friday.

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