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Lubbock Hit Hard By Layoffs

NewsChannel 11 has learned that Lubbock and the surrounding area will soon be hit hard by layoffs. Two companies are laying off workers totally about 250 jobs.

We start at Kmart. The national retailer reports bad numbers for December and dismal numbers for the entire year.

Kmart sales are down one percent nationwide for December. They're down six percent for comparable store sales during the fiscal year.

Lubbock will feel the effects of those numbers. Monday, employees found out it will only cost the Hub-City location 90 jobs starting on or after March 13th. The chain will eliminate the grocery store portion of the store, also resulting in a name change. The store will be downgraded from a Super K, to a Big K.

Kmart gave Lubbock Mayor Tom Martin written notice, saying quote: "There will be a reduction in force among employees at the Kmart store identified below, which may constitute a plant closing or mass layoff as those terms are defined by the WARN Act." WARN is short for Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification.

But Kmart is only one of two companies with massive layoffs. The other is in Lamb County.

NewsChannel 11 has confirmed that the American Cotton Growers in Littlefield told workers Monday that about 150 people will lose their job. Those changes will take effect March 14th. The denim plant will go from a six day work week to a five day work week, and four shifts will be cut to three. After the layoffs are complete, the plant will still employ 500 people.

Don't forget Littlefield is the same town where 70 or so prison workers might lose their jobs depending on what happens at the Bill Clayton Detention Center.

At last check Lubbock had the 4th best unemployment rate in Texas. Those numbers will be updated by the Texas Workforce Commission in just a few days. For Your Cell Phone
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