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HealthWise at 5 From 10.9

  • Breast Cancer Test

The FDA has approved a gene-based test for use in Breast Cancer diagnosis. The test, called Pathvysion helps identify the patient's particular type of Breast Cancer. It also provides doctors with information to help each patient get the best therapy to determine if they're candidates for the drug Herceptin. Herceptin is the world's first FDA approved example of personalized medicine for Breast Cancer. For more information visit ( ) or talk to your doctor.

  • Spare the Sutures

Getting bandaged up might be just as effective as getting stitches. A researcher at the University of California San Francisco divided a group of 91 adults with hand cuts into two groups of bandaged and sutured patients. In the no-suture group, antibiotic ointment and bandages were given. After three months, doctors compared the wounds of both groups and there was no cosmetic difference with or without stitches after minor wounds had healed.

  • Soy and Cavities

Soy Toothpaste? It could be coming to a drugstore near you! Researchers at the University of Rochester found that compounds in soy exhibit the enzyme that makes plaque. Scientists are excited about the benefits of soy to fight cavities it's a natural product, cheap and only a small amount of the special compound is needed and they say it's not just soy toothpaste, look for soy mouthwash in the future too.

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