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City Council Addresses Confusion over Energy Funds

In a follow up to a story NewsChannel 11 brought you Tuesday, after a six hour meeting Tuesday night, the Lubbock City Council was able to resolve some of its issues with a power agency, including how $1.6 million was spent.

According to the city, General Electric installed a turbine for LP&L to generate electricity. The turbine did not work, so the West Texas Municipal Power Agency, which supplies LP&L with electricity, withheld the $1.6 million payment. Because the equipment did not work, the WTMPA lost money it would have generated with a working turbine. So, the agency used the money to make bond payments.

As for Council Member Ty Cooke serving as the WTMPA Chairman and receiving $36,000 a year for business expenses the council's feelings were mixed. “While council recognizes this reimbursement is legal, council members differ as to whether Mr. Cooke should accept the reimbursement. Nonetheless, council acknowledges this arrangement is between the WTMPA Chair and the WTMPA Board,” said Mayor Marc McDougal.

The council will meet again Thursday in an open meeting. They will mainly discuss a $5.3 million debt the WTMPA owes the City of Lubbock.

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