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Two Teens in Custody for Lockney High Fire

Floyd County Sheriff's office tells NewsChannel 11 they were able to wrap up the investigation so quickly thanks to tips from Lockney residents and the help of several local, state, and national agencies. We have learned two female teenagers are in custody tonight at the Garza County Detention Center on felony arson charges.

Sunday night's fire started inside the school. Investigators say that the teenager was able to walk inside the building through a door left open. Officials say there was a fire started on the first and second floor of the school. Floyd County Sheriff Paul Raissez says the teens told him they did it because they wanted new books, new computers and a new school and hoped the fire would bring more funding into the district.

High School teachers met Monday afternoon to discuss the first day back. Lockney High School students will meet in the sanctuary of the First Baptist Church in Lockney Wednesday morning. The entire community spent Tuesday preparing for the first day back.

Students gathered at Lockney High to salvage what Sunday's fire didn't destroy. Making the trip up to what used to be the science room was tough for senior Lindsie Moerbe. "It was really hard. It was shocking and your stomach kind of drops. We were there four days ago and it was fine," she said.  Students were picking up old chemistry text books and just about anything that they could save. But Moerbe is determined to make the most out of the church where she'll continue her senior year.

First Baptist Church Secretary Zelda Ellison says the church went into action to get ready for the students right away. "We just help each other. We just do. You forget any differences and you just come together - they say that's what small towns do," says Ellison.

"As in any tragedy whether it's the loss of a student or loss of building there's going to be grief, anger and disbelief. There'll be some issues to deal with and talk about the next few days once school starts back," says Charles Keaton, spokesperson for Lockney ISD.

The community has been working around the clock. They tell us they'll take a small break Tuesday night to watch the Lady Longhorns take on the Lady Owls in Hale Center. They hope the game will bring back a sense of normalcy to the Lockney community.

Donations for school supplies are being accepted.
You can send your contribution to:

Lockney ISD
Attention: Phil Cotham
PO Box 428
Lockney, TX 79241

Lockney Fire Brings Community Together
While fire destroyed Lockney High School, it also brought the community together. For one family, Lockney High holds decades of memories. NewsChannel 11's Ann Wyatt Little spent the day in Lockney and has more.

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