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Police Find Man Who Drove A Car Through A House In East Lubbock

Police found the man responsible for an unusual car wreck Thursday morning. 18-year-old Tony Thomas admitted to police he drove all the way through an East Lubbock house.

Neighbors tell NewsChannel 11 they heard a loud noise around 8 a.m. this morning, ran outside, and were surprised by what they found. "I was in the house, you know, doing the usual having my morning coffee and all of a sudden I just heard this loud boom so everybody just went out to see what happened, and we saw a truck coming through and hit the dumpster," said Neighbor Richard Salazar. 

No one was hurt, but neighbors were startled by the crash. "It was just scary because I thought they was gonna come and hit our house," said Salazar. 

The jeep drove all the way through the house and then out of sight, but police found it about an hour later parked at North Star Surgical Center, located at North Loop and Quaker. The driver, Tony Thomas, was not with the car but police found him later and issued traffic citations for driving without a license or insurance. Separate charges for property damage will be filed later with the District Attourney's office. The owner of the house, who lives in Colorado, estimated the damages at $75,000 in the police report, meaning Thomas could soon face more serious charges.

The owner of the house tells NewsChannel 11 no one lived in the house because they were renovating at the time, but tenants were supposed to move in the same day as the crash. The owner is coming in to town from Colorado Friday to assess the damage.

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