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Food for Thought Report 10.10

With 43 inspections on their plate this week, inspectors were busy checking out local food establishments and schools. Two local schools are on the list this time, and there are no low performing restaurants. As for the top performers, one is tough cookie to beat, one is right on target and one has got a lot to cluck about. Let's shake a tail feather and chow down on this edition of NewsChannel 11's Food for Thought.

We start on top with a Top Performer. Overton Elementary School at 2902 Louisville gets zero critical violations. The it's on to Rush Elementary where one critical violation was discovered. A discard date was not labeled on meat items stored for more than 24 hours. The inspection report shows the violation was corrected on site.

Continuing with this week's restaurants, they've put their best wing forward and it's ruffled some feathers, in a good way. Chicken Express at 2308 82nd St. lays a big old goose egg in the critical violations column this time, making them a Food for Thought Top Performer. "The cleaner you are back in the kitchen, it makes for a good establishment and we take pride in that," says Owner Robert Coleman.

This is the fourth time Chicken Express has made the Top Performing list, and while it's tough work to stay clean and on top, Coleman says he and his dedicated employees wouldn't settle for less. "It's just something we continually do, it is hard but we think that it's gotten us where we're at this point and that's why we try to keep up the same standards," says Coleman.

How does the cookie crumble for our next Top Performer? Very well, in fact. The Great American Cookie Company inside the South Plains Mall at 6002 Slide Road is our next Top Performer, also with zero critical violations.

Also, the Target Snack Bar at 7302 University is definitely on target. No critical violations and that means we're taking aim at them with a Top Performing certificate.

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