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Teethsavers International

Dr. Jack Rudd, a retired West Texas Dentist, is on a mission to save the teeth of African children, specifically the children of Zambia. He says Zambia has 17 dentists employed by the government to serve a population of more than 10 million. So, Dr. Rudd has established a non-profit organization called "Teethsaveers international". It's primary focus is to teach the mothers in Zambia how to help preserve their children's teeth by taking care of that 6 year molar. Why is the 6 year molar so important? Dr. Rudd says if it falls out, it can lead to digestive and other medical problems, even shortening the life span of the person.

For more information e-mail Dr. Rudd by (clicking here ). If you would like to know more about the Dental Mission for Children just (click here), this is the site of one of Dr. Rudds colleges. Donations are also greatly appreciated and can be made through Westminster Presbyterian Church in Lubbock. Just note that your donation is intended for "Teethsavers".

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