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Inappropriate Drive-Thru Customer

What started as a typical Sunday morning shift soon turned into a show for one McDonalds employee taking orders.

"The first time he was clothed," says Captain Greg Stevens of the Lubbock Police Department. The suspect captured by these surveillance pictures ordered several breakfast items on December 28th.

"The individual drove through the drive-thru and apparently his order was wrong. He had money refunded to him and came back several minutes later," says Stevens.

Not satisfied, he returned within the hour to place a second order. "When he came through the second time and when she did look he was naked from waist down and was masturbating and the employee immediately beckoned attention of other employees to come over," says Stevens. "All they could do is continue on with the sales transaction. They gave him his change and after he left they finally realized what had happened and again sometime later realized hey, we need to call the police," added Stevens.

The suspect did not proceed to the next window to pick up his food. Lubbock Police are looking for him, they say once found, he'll be charged with indecent exposure.

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