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Repair Business Booming Despite Economic Downturn

There are some shops around town that aren't phased by the tough economy.   In fact some owners say business is better than usual, because many consumers are trying to save money by forgoing the new and repairing the old. 

Lenny Pressley owns Affordable Computer Repair and says the economic downturn has done anything but decrease his business.  "We've seen about 50% increase in the number of repairs versus new number sales," said Pressley. 

About five months ago Pressley started to notice his business increase. "I don't feel like Lubbock's been impacted by the economic crunch very much up to this point, but I guess people are starting to repair what they have vs. buy new equipment," said Pressley. 

Pressley is not alone. "I talked to some other owners of Lubbock computer businesses and they have all seen the same trend with the number of repairs increasing," said Pressley. 

Another booming industry is car repair. "We've got more than we can get done that's for sure," said Rick Pinkerton, the owner of Pinkerton Garage and Body Shop. 

Pinkerton says business is great. "We've been getting a lot more engines, transmissions, stuff like that that a lot of time people won't fix they would go trade it in when they had stuff like that come up that was that big of a major job so we've been seeing a lot of that. It just seems like it's doing pretty good right now," said Pinkerton.   

An upward trend Pinkerton would like to see stay. "It just seems like more people are fixing their cars now to me," said Pinkerton.

Another industry faring well in the declining market is shoe repair. David Conklin the owner of Flint Boot and Shoe Repair has been repairing shoes for 15 years.

Conklin says lately he's been seeing more people who have never had their shoes repaired before. "College students, 25 to 30 year olds that are traditionally more interested in convenience than saving money and repairing things are bringing stuff into repair and not just boots and shoes, but purses and back packs and a lot of things like that," he said.

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