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Dozens of Lubbock Employees To Lose Jobs In Nationwide Closure

Circuit City will close all U.S. stores, including the one in Lubbock. According to the most recent major employer report from the City of Lubbock, our Circuit City employs 60 people.

This is just the latest in a line of recent layoffs for Lubbock. Late last year TYCO announced 40 layoffs in Lubbock and Covenant Health System eliminated 91 jobs, although some of those folks were eligible to transfer to other positions at Covenant. Seventy people might lose their jobs if the Bill Clayton Detention Center closes because it lost its out-of-state prisoners. The PCCA Denim Plant in Littlefield laid off 150 people, K-Mart will lay off as many as 90 in mid March and AT&T announced a 4% company-wide reduction in force, though we don't know yet how that will affect Lubbock.

In addition to layoffs, Lubbock has seen several store closings either this year or late last year. That list includes Harold's, Mervyns, Starbucks in Plainview, Linens & Things, Moe's Southwest Grill, Waldenbooks, and of course Circuit City. So with the closing of the nation's second biggest consumer elections retailer, what does the mean for costumers?

In the coming days shoppers can expect to see markdowns. Customers can still use any Circuit City gift card even as Lubbock's store and hundreds across the country try to get rid of everything inside. "I'm just looking, just seeing if there are any deals," Shopper Shawn Jaffray.

The going out of business signs are not up yet, but it's just a matter of time. Circuit City says nationwide liquidation sales will begin as early as Saturday and will last until all merchandise is gone. A move some customers are sad to see Circuit City have to make. " It's a real nice company. I always buy my stuff here instead of Best Buy," Shopper Runfino Sonora said.

Circuit City filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy last November and was looking for a buyer or a debt refinancing deal. However, the company failed to find either one. Friday's announcement comes on the heels of the company closing 155 stores at the end of last year.

For shoppers, Circuit City says this decision does not affect their extended warranties. But that's not the case for those who work inside the Lubbock store. "We'll bring employers for them and they can kind of interview with all these different employers in town that are looking for people," Lubbock Economic Development Alliance CEO Gary Lawrence said.

Lawrence says they will help Circuit City employees find other employment through a job fair. He says despite recent layoffs, Lubbock still has jobs to fill. "There are a lot of places that call us all the time looking for people. They're not going to hire 25 people but they will hire three or four," Lawrence added.

Customers who purchased anything before Friday, can return their purchases within the next 14 days. As of Friday, you can no longer buy items on the Circuit City website. The company says the website and call center have been shut down. Jobs
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