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Famous Horseman Teaches Golden Rule

The 10th annual Farmer Stockman show was one of the biggest ever here in Lubbock this weekend. Among this year's attractions were many demonstrations in the latest ag equipment, including a demonstration put on by a world famous horse trainer.

Whether you are a first timer or an experienced rider, getting back in the saddle may never be the same once you meet horseman Craig Cameron. Cameron Does not have chalkboards or books in his classroom, the only school supplies he needs to teach horses is a saddle, some rope, and plenty of patience.

"Patience is one of the key words I want to say. Patience is waiting without worry. If I had to say another word, I'd say communication. Teaching is the art of communication," says Cameron.

Welcome to horsemanship 101. With Professor Craig Cameron. "Horsemanship is really all about horse, man or woman and the relationship you build and really what it boils down to is communication and communication is two minds listening and two minds opening can't just be mine, it has to be me and the horse," says Cameron.

Like people, Cameron says the easiest way to teach good manners to horses is to start when they are young. Cameron's student for today is Lightning. She is less than two years old, but after spending an hour in Cameron's classroom, she has learned not to fear him, but put her horse instincts to good use. And finally she trusts Cameron enough to let her guard down and learn that humans are not her enemies.

"When you lay a horse down you take away their most precious gift, their ability to run away from there it's all about forming a bond and forming a trust and when the horse gets up you can see there's a change in them. They're more relaxed. They're more sure and my job is to make a horse feel safe, sure and certain and secure," says Cameron.

Cameron makes it look easy, but he says successful horse training is as simple as teaching the golden rule. "If you give it rough and tough you are going to get it rough and tough. If you give it with meaning, if you give it with understanding I promise you it's amazing that's probably exactly the way you'll get it back. You want to present things in a way they understand and you gotta give them the time it takes to understand."

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