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Famous Face Delivers Big Message

Governor Rick Perry also spoke with Cooper Junior High students, about staying in school, but the real show stopper came when Norris walked around meeting fans and handing out cards.

When you think of Chuck Norris, you think action movie star, but Norris says his most rewarding move doesn't involve martial arts, it involves kids. "Make sure to make the right choices in your life," says actor/activist Chuck Norris.

Norris travels around the country talking to students about the dangers of drugs. "Once you start, and everytime you do it. That pit gets deeper and deeper and eventually it becomes bottomless and it's always impossible to get out of it," says Norris. 

Before the end of day, Norris must have signed hundreds of autographs but Norris says if his celebrity status helped send a positive message to just one of those kids it was worth it.

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