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Luna Family Leaves their Own Legacy at Lubbock's New Playground

Lubbock's Legacy Play Village is appropriately named, but actions do speak louder than words -- more than 700 volunteers are working on Saturday, including one Lubbock family who is not just here to help -- but to leave a legacy of their own. Meet the Luna family. Pablo and his wife Jovita are turning children's dreams into realities with the help from a team of seven little construction workers of their own.

"I think they're doing the right thing. I think they're doing it because they want to," says Pablo Luna, dad and Legacy volunteer.

"(Friday) we were spreading gravel and loading boards and all sorts of stuff. Helping my dad build that chuck wagon (Saturday) and just doing whatever comes along," says 12 year-old Amadeo.

"I'm soaping screws and sanding wood," says 7 year-old Aaron.

"We're just having fun building it. If it's fun building it imagine what it's gonna be like playing on it," adds Amadeo.

"It feels exciting to build your own playground. I mean especially in Lubbock, Texas. I mean there are a lot of kids out here that are less fortunate, and they don't have much to do. They can just come out here and play," says 9 year-old Angela.

Angela and her six brothers make up the Luna family construction crew including the back bone of their operation, 20 year-old, brother David. Despite having down syndrome, David's always in the middle of things. He helps mom and dad find whatever they need to get the job done.

"He knows his tools. His father can tell him bring me that specific tool, and he knows which one he's talking about. Just because he has down syndrome, that doesn't mean that he's handicapped," says mom, Jovita.

In fact, the word can't is not even in the Luna family's language.

"There has never been a time that we've allowed him to say I can't do that because there's nothing he can't do," says Jovita.

"He's out here having a blast, too, following everybody along. He's been out there soaping screws and having a blast, too. He's pretty happy to be out here, too, and it's nice that everybody can be included out here," says David's 22 year-old brother, Eric.

"Special needs children are wonderful children, and they really do need something like this that they won't have to pay to get in," says Jovita.

"This is gonna be for your kids, my kids, anybody's kids, grandkids. They're gonna have a great place here to enjoy for many years to come," says Pablo.

If you and your family would like to help build Lubbock's new Legacy Play Village, you can go by the construction site on the Brownfield Highway just outside of Loop 289, or you can call (806) 791-KIDS to sign up your own construction crew.

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