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TTUHSC Pediatrician Educates About Salmonella & Flu

With all of the recent salmonella scares, parents are bound to raise an eyebrow when a child says his tummy hurts.  So, when should parents be concerned?  Dr. Leslie Motheral, a pediatrician at the Health Sciences Center, answered that question Tuesday on HealthWise at Five. 

Dr. Motheral says, "If you have stomach pains, or diarrhea, or vomiting, we encourage parents to look for signs of good hydration.  That means drinking well, good urine output, making tears...  Good signs of hydration and once they no longer see those good signs of hydration, it's very important to see your physician.  There are certain tests we can give to rule in or rule out certain infections."

Dr. Motheral says that a tummy ache is not the flu, but we are starting to see flu cases in the Lubbock area.  She also says that to avoid serious complications from the flu, kids really need a flu shot.  Last year's flu season dragged on into May so, she says, there is still time to get that shot.  Call your doctor about it or check at the Health Department.

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