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Inauguration Fever Spreads to the South Plains

The Obamas and Bidens had a handful of Inaugural balls to attend around Washington, D.C. Tuesday night, but even if you didn't get to attend one of the grand capitol city galas, there was one right here in Lubbock. 

The Lubbock Juneteenth Celebration Committee hosted the First Presidential Inaugural Ball at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center. Hundreds turned out for the black tie affair that lastedn until 11 p.m. Festivities included a social hour, food, live music, and dancing. Half of all proceeds raised will go to the Juneteenth Scholarship Fund.

Tuesday was a day full of celebration and ceremonies across the Hub City in honor of Barack Obama's Inauguration. In fact, one class at Estacado High School spent the morning learning and living history in their classroom.

"Who are they comparing him to?" asked government teacher Stacy Acevedo. She gave her class a pre-inauguration quiz testing their inaugural knowledge. But, Acevedo says Tuesday's real lesson was the live inauguration on television "By seeing this today I think that some party of them may think 'hey, I might can really do something I might not have believed I could do before'," says Acevedo.

Senior Chantel Davis says she's thrilled to officially call Barack Obama President. "It's never been done before. They were thinking it could never be an African American in office. Since it's happened it's proved everyone wrong and it makes me feel stronger. He's like a king to me," says Davis.

Davis knows there's a reason this happened one day after Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. "His dream is being lived. He's not here but I'm pretty sure he's watching all of this," says Davis. The bell rang for next period just as President Obama finished.

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