Classes Offered at the Falls

The Falls has a variety of classes to choose from including:

SPINNING: A cardio workout on stationary bikes that is the ultimate calorie burner! Both beginner and advanced participants can work in the same class as you ride the flats, climb the hills, and push the sprints just as in an outdoor bike ride! Improve your endurance and strengthen your legs in this non-impact cardiovascular class. EZ SPIN is for beginners to show you bike fit and the basics of spinning. (Please bring water and a towel to class.)

STEP: The Falls has taken the dance out and put the muscle back into the step. A simple, athletic workout with various intensities throughout.

CARDIO TENNIS: This is full speed tennis, held on the tennis courts for all levels of play! You get 30 minutes of footwork and agility drills while targeting the muscles you use in tennis. Then, grab your racket for 30 minutes of non-stop tennis drills with Eric, our head tennis pro. Previous tennis experience required for all participants. Mondays is for intermediate players, Wednesdays is for beginning players. All levels welcome on Saturdays!

HI LO AEROBICS: It's old school aerobics at its best! Easy choreography and sweat, sweat, sweat!

BODYSCULPT: Reshape your body! By utilizing light weights, resistance bands, stability balls, and bosu's, you will tone and re-define yourself by targeting those hard to find muscles.

PILATES: The key to wonderful posture, strong abdominals, flexibility, and strength. This class targets the core area by working from the inside out.

YOGA: Uses physical postures, breathing practices, meditation, and relaxation to harmonize the mind, body, and spirit.

BODYPUMP: The original group strength workout that has swept the nation and around the world! Appealing to men and women of all ages, BODYPUMP is ideal for beginners and enthusiasts of all levels that seek a motivating workout utilizing barbells and adjustable plates.

BODYJAM: The cardio workout where you are free to enjoy the sensation of dance! An addictive fusion of the latest dance styles and hottest new sounds puts the emphasis as much on having fun as breaking a sweat. You move with attitude through this 55 minute class!

ZUMBA: Be prepared to move to hypnotic Latin and international rhythms as you find yourself in shape. Lose yourself in the music. ZUMBA is where you change from "I have to workout" to "I want to"!

NIA: The NIA technique is a barefoot movement practice that encourages emotional expression and engagement to nourish the mind, body, and soul. A blending of modern and jazz dance, aerobics, martial arts, yoga, and body integration therapy - for all ages.

SPIN CIRCUIT: An interval of cardio work on the bike followed by an interval of target strength training off the bike. The variety is endless - no two classes are ever the same! It's a total workout for your entire body! GRAVITY SPIN CIRCUIT is the same format, but is held in our GRAVITY room.

KICKBOX AND ABS: Experience various martial arts training as you learn how to jab, cross, hook, uppercut, and roundhouse your way through a fun and functional workout! Finish the class with 15 minutes of hard core abs!

LADIES WEIGHT ROOM TRAINING: We all know that women need more iron! If all those machines in the weight room tend to intimidate you, this class will be exactly what you've been looking for! Meet one of our certified personal trainers in the weight room as we show you how to use the different machines to improve your strength, your health!

EZ FIT CLASSES: Designed just for beginners and those wanting a slower pace workout! You'll always feel welcome in a non-competitive atmosphere as you'll discover how much fun classes are! Meet up in the grille on Wednesdays for a coffee social to meet the Falls members.

GRAVITY: Exclusive only to the FALLS in Lubbock! The Gravity Training System uses body weight as the resistive factor against gravity to produce an individualized workout that one can progressively increase in intensity as strength and performance improve. The class uses a wide variety of exercises and freedom of a dynamic pulley system to allow for enhanced muscle development. Classes are held in our GRAVITY room and reservations are a must! Register at the Member Services Desk to reserve your session.

GRAVITY Total Body Strength: No muscle is skipped in this workout for the entire body!