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United Supermarkets Pull Peanut Butter Products

Shelves are now empty where some peanut butter products use to be in United Supermarkets. "Most of those products have not been directly linked to salmonella outbreak but those distributors have decided to pull them because they were manufactured using the peanut butter paste in question," said Eddie Owens with United. 

United has removed more than 20 products containing peanut butter. These products were voluntarily removed by manufacturers because they used the peanut paste from the Peanut Corporation of American Plant.  "Whether or not it was tainted with salmonella is a different story but they know for sure it was made at the PCA plant," said Owens.

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FDA Peanut Butter Recalls
Click here for the latest from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on the peanut butter/salmonella recall.

Eddie Owens with United Supermarkets says it's very important to remember, "No jar type peanut butter is affected whatsoever so folks that are concerned about the Peter Pan or Jiff or whatever is in their pantry that is not part of this recall effort," said Owens. 

The Salmonella outbreak is linked to the peanut paste and has sickened more than 480 people nationwide and been connected to at least six deaths.   Salmonella is a bacterial infection that has a variety of symptoms.  "Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramping, fever, those are usually the symptoms we see with salmonella type infections," said Dr. Tony Gonzales with University Medical Center.   

Dr. Tony Gonzales of UMC says he has not seen any cases of peanut butter related sickness lately. "We have been seeing a lot of gastroenteritis type symptoms when people come in with nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea but not anything that has been documented as a salmonella infection," said Gonzales. 

NewsChannel 11 also wanted to know if the peanut butter products you get out of vending machines are safe. So, we contacted Custom Food Group, one of the largest vending providers in this area. They tell us that after receiving a notice of the peanut butter recalls they removed all affected products from their customer's vending machines.

(Click here) to see a list of the products voluntarily pulled from United Supermarket shelves.  (Link opens into an Acrobat document.  You will need Acrobat to open link.)


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