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Tara House Protest Before Sale

One Lubbock man would like to buy and move the Tara House, while another claims the city plans to just tear it down. 

Mike Haggard put in a bid of just more than $500 according to city officials.  And his name is listed in certain documents related to thursday's city council meeting.   The only string attached is that Haggard must move the house out of the way of Slide Road which is expanding. 

Haggard tells NewsChannel 11 by phone that he would like to move the Tara House, live in it, and somehow make it open to the public.  One idea, he says, is to make it a bed and breakfast.  But haggard says it won't be a done deal Thursday. 

He says a local attorney is protesting.  Now we know the nature of that appeal.  Attorney Tom Whiteside,  who lives only a few blocks from tara house,  does not believe the city is serious about selling the house.  He says if the deal with Haggard falls through, the backup plan is to simply demolish the house. 

And he thinks that is unacceptable.  "It was a structure that was historically desingated  by the city several years ago. And they had made a decision before they ever went throught the process apperently to just tear it down."

Planning and Zoning will hear whiteside's case monday Morning.   If his appeal is turned down, then the city will proceed with finishing their deal with Haggard in a specailly called city council meeting, which is also on Monday.

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