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Authorities Capture Crystal Hambrick

The victim of a car burglary in southwest Lubbock feels a sense of justice, after NewsChannel 11's Most Wanted helped land the suspected burglar behind bars. 

Police say 26-year-old Crystal Hambrick broke into the victim's car and stole her credit cards.  Now Hambrick is on the captured wall, and in a NewsChannel 11's Most Wanted first, we sat down with the victim to find out what this capture means to her.

"I was at the gym, and they called and said anybody with a black Suburban, you need to come outside, because your car was broken into," Stacey Kollman said.  She walked outside to find her vehicle window shattered.  "It was frustrating; I was mad," Kollman said. 

Once she realized someone stole her purse, Kollman ran home to cancel her credit cards. "In doing that canceling, they told me that, with three cards and an hour and a half, about $400 had ben spent on them already," Kollman said.  Besides the cards, Kollman also lost irreplaceable items.  "That gift my son had saved up for to give to me, it was a little wallet," Kollman said. 

The burglary happened in late September, and Kollman says she'd almost thought no one would be brought to justice for the crime. Then, Tuesday afternoon, after we featured her on NewsChannel 11's Most Wanted, Hambrick turned herself in to authorities.  "It's nice to see you all working in conjunction with them and people getting brought in. I mean, now that I'm a part of it, it's a really big deal," Kollman said.

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