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Moon Sand: Does It Work?

Moon Sand is all the fun of the beach, with none of the mess, or so the makers say.  We tested it, you watch, Does it Work?

It molds like dough, but don't confuse it with Play-Doh.  Moon Sand is sand and, unlike Play-Doh, Moon Sand never dries out. We bought the sand castle kit and got four kids to help us test it.

Inside you get four molds, a shovel, an inflatable sandbox with play mat and one pound of white moon sand. Here's a tip: don't open the sand until you get the sandbox blown up. We peel back the Velcro cover and we were ready for Moon Sand fun.

The instructions say you should work it with your hands and the sand will expand. The sand comes in little grains but it sticks together.  Perhaps the best description I heard was that it was like a pound of moistened pencil eraser particles.

It can be hard to get out, but once you do, it's pretty impressive. It was much easier to mold than real sand at the beach. We make a bunch of shapes and generally had a great time with this irresistible toy - it's really hard to keep your hands off it.

The kids we had testing had this to say:

  • "You can play with it for a long time."
  • "Like once you start playing with it you don't want to stop, because it's so fun to put your hands on."
  • "There's something so appealing.  It's like those soft little big pillows that have those micro-fiber beads.  It's like you keep on wanting to touch it."

The product is for kids three and over, is non-toxic and comes in a bunch of colors too. And here's the best part, the sandbox closes up into its own carrying case. The cost runs from $18 - $65 depending on which kit you buy.

Moon Sand is out of this world - we give it a yes!

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