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City Council Receives Signed Buddy Holly Contract

The city has been in negotiations with Maria Elena Holly over the naming rights of the Buddy Holly Center for months now because their current contract runs out on February 3rd. Now, those negotiations may be over. 

A delivery Councilman Paul Beane describes as exciting news arrived at City Hall Thursday in the form of a UPS envelope. Wednesday night Maria Elena Holly signed an agreement involving the naming rights of the Buddy Holly Center for the next 20 years. Then she sent it overnight from Dallas to the City of Lubbock. "I think it's a very, very good contract for the folks at the Buddy Holly Center. I think it's a good contract to the taxpayers of Lubbock. I think it is a contract that is favorable to Mrs. Holly, and I think overall it's going to be a win-win situation," said Beane. 

Beane wouldn't disclose any specifics of the agreement until after the city council approves it, but when we asked him about rumors the city would move the Buddy Holly statue and West Texas Walk of Fame next to the Buddy Holly Center, he replied, "While I'm unable at this time to comment on it, I am prepared to say that I think almost any rumor does have a grain of salt of fact attached to it."

The City Council will meet Monday morning to decide whether or not to approve the contract. NewsChannel 11 will attend that meeting, and bring you more information then.

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