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Simple Blood Test Specifically Identifies Heart Trouble Risks

We all know that a cholesterol tests can identify the risk of heart trouble. But have you heard about the Plac-test? That is also a simple blood test that measures an enzyme called lp-pla-2 which is attached to ldl the bad cholesterol. That enzyme releases chemicals that trigger a response making plac more prone to rupture against the artery wall.

The Plac-test has been FDA approved for six-years, Dr. Bradley Bale said on HealthWise at 5 Thursday, that this test can find hidden clues that a heart attack or stroke may be coming even in people who seem healthy with no risk factors for heart disease.

"In West Texas we screened 417-people who were found to be low risk by traditional risk factors. They had one or less major risk factors. But a third of those people had elevated Plac-2.

He says that is also a proven indicator of heart attacks or strokes. Dr. Bale is scheduled to present those findings to a meeting of the American Heart Association in March. In the meantime, if you would like more information on the Plac-test, (Click Here).

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