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Proposed Bill Could Freeze Tuition

The cost of an education doesn't come cheap but paying for it could get a little bit easier. A new bill, that if passed would lock in tuition rates across the state but there's still a hefty price tag.  

"Last year we were the only school in the nation that did not raise fees, tuition, and room and board. We've shown we've done everything possible to try to make education affordable," says Texas Tech Chancellor Kent Hance. The state is trying to help ease the rising costs of higher education with a new bill.

Florence Shapiro, the author of Senate Bill 326 says these costs have made it difficult for students and parents to maintain predictability when planning for college education. "One of the solutions is to freeze tuition when a student enters a Texas college or university," says Shapiro.

When a student enters as a first time freshman the tuition price would be locked in for four years at the original rate. "The face is we must offer through our work in the Texas Legislature a ray of hope that will propose the best solution. I want to work for the best possible education at the lowest possible cost," says Shapiro.

But Hance says if the money isn't coming from tuition it has to come from somewhere. "If the state wants to re-regulate tuition that's fine but they've got to give us the money to make up what we have to have," adds Hance. 

He believes there's another possible solution. "I think the best approach would be to give incentive payment to schools that don't raise tuition. The quality of education would be diminished if they regulate and don't give us additional money," says Hance. If the bill passes the legislature by two-thirds, tuition prices would be locked for incoming freshman starting September 1, 2009. For Your Cell Phone
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