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City Council Approves Buddy Holly Naming Rights Contract

It's official.  Last week NewsChannel 11 broke the story about an agreement regarding the naming rights of the Buddy Holly Center.  The current agreement runs out February 3rd, the 50th anniversary of the musician's death.

It's been 50 years since the day the music died, but Buddy Holly is still remembered every day in Lubbock at the Buddy Holly Center. Now, the museum can continue to use the musicians name for the next 20 year's afte Lubbock City Council reached a $20,000 dollar agreement with Maria Elena Holly, his widow who controls his estate. "I was concerned that we may end up with six figure numbers that was being demanded and so forth. When he brought us the numbers that it was $83 a month I had to ask him to repeat that because I wasn't sure that was the right amount, but it is. So, I think it's a great thing," said Mayor Tom Martin. 

In addition to paying Maria Elena Holly $20,000 up front in March, another Buddy Holly memorial, the West Texas Walk of Fame, will move. Right now, the West Texas Hall of Fame is in the middle of a traffic island, and difficult to get to. As part of the contract, the City Council decided to move it next to the Buddy Holly Center so the Walk of Fame will be more accessible. Once completed, the city will call that area the Buddy and Maria Elena Holly Plaza. Most of the City Council is enthusiastic about the agreement, but council woman Linda DeLeon is the lone dissenter who did not vote to approve the contract. She doesn't think the city should pay Maria Elena Holly to use the name. "There's some people who don't like being held hostage with the money that's being paid out," she said. 

DeLeon says she's thrilled about moving the Buddy Holly statue and West Texas Walk of Fame, she's not happy about the new area's name. "There was no singing on her part other than being the executer of the estate. There's just been some people concerned that it should have been the West Texas Walk of Fame instead of the Buddy and Maria Elena Holly Plaza," she said.

However, most of the council agrees, it's a small price to pay for a great piece of Lubbock history.

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