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New Treatment for Migraines

Botox is widely accepted as a magic wrinkle reducer above the brow and since that is the same area that migraines develop; some doctors are experimenting with Botox to see if it can also paralyze migraine pain. During a migraine, a brain chemical launches an army of signals to the brain saying, "there is pain". Since Botox can paralyze muscles, the theory is that Botox can also paralyze this army of signals blocking the pain before it tells the brain.

Some patients, like Sheila McMillan, are already sold on this as a new treatment option for migraines and she says, "When you go weekly with headaches and then you begin to have weeks without headaches and then months without headaches, that's a good life."  Botox researcher Dr. Roger Cady adds, "We are studying it and ideally the FDA will look at this and make a determination whether it's effective or not."

Dr. Cady says that even though some doctors are already trying Botox for migraines, it's unlikely that insurance will cover it yet because it is still experimental.  Botox costs several hundred dollars and needs to be repeated every 3 to 4 months.

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