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A Breakthrough in Prostate Cancer Screenings

You've probably heard of the PSA Test, an important screening test for Prostate Cancer. The problem is the test often comes back scoring in a gray area where the level is high emough to send a red flag that it might be Prostate Cancer, but then a biopsy may prove that it really wasn't.

Now, a simple blood test may revolutionize the diagnosis of Prostate Cancer and spare thousands of men unnecessary biopsies. Dr. David Ornstein is part of a research team that released the study showing this new blood test is 95% accurate in finding Prostate Cancer. It uses a hi-tech computer program to measure protein patterns in the blood. It ruled out cancer in 71% of men with intermediate or gray area PSA scores.

"I think this has a realistic possibly of significantly reducing unnecessary prostate biopsies without compromising the ability to detect harmful cancers while they're still in a curable stage," says Dr. David Ornstein, a Cancer Researcher.

If larger studies confirm the accuracy of the computer assisted Prostate Cancer test, in the future, a single drop of blood may be all that it takes to get an accurate Prostate Cancer diagnosis, even telling doctors whether the cancer is agressive or slow moving.

Dr. David Ornstein is now conducting a larger study testing the blood test at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. The research is published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute and was conducted by researchers at the Food and Drug Administration, National Cancer Institute Clinical Proteomics Program, and Correlogic Systems, Inc.

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