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A New Supplement Shows Promise in the Treatment of Autism

It is estimated that one in 150 children have some form of autism. No one knows the exact cause, but it usually interferes with language development and social behaviors. There is no cure, but a new supplement is showing some promise. It is a synthetic version of a natural protein called L-Carnosine, and it is available at health food stores. Pediatric Neurologist Michael Chez has completed the first study of the L-Carnosine.

"It affected language, receptive language, eye contact, communication all of which are things which children with autism have big gaps with."

Dr. Chez says that in eight weeks, Carnosine improved behavior and communication by 16%, social interaction improved by 27%, and in just four weeks, parents reported an overall improvement that more than doubled. Doctor Chez says Carnosine apparently works in the front part of the brain. So far, in about 1,000 children with autism or behavioral disorders, he says he has seen a 90% success rate, and in some children, like Jonathan Sieger, who is autistic, he says the change has been dramatic.

"He runs into gym class, he wants to play tag. He wants to play with the other children and he's really happy to be at school, for the first time."

More studies are needed to confirm doctor Chez's results. One child in the study became slightly hyperactive, but there were no other side effects. Viewers wanting more information on this story have several options. They can contact Dr. Michael Chez at 847-735-0300, call 847-295-0748 for more information on the protein, or (click here) this site is under construction, but is coming very soon.

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