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Consider This... Finally Got it Right

Lubbock city leaders finally have gotten it right.

First, after overpaying for the property for a visitors center, kicking out a successful private business, and rushing to demolish the building, they finally ditched the idea of constructing a $6 million palace for brochures.

Instead, council will make way for a visitor's "area" in the depot building at the Buddy Holly Center, which is where it should have been all along.

Also, we're paying $83 a month to use Buddy's name for the next 20 years. Now his statue and the Walk of Fame will be moved to that empty lot, so people will actually see it, and it will soon be called The Buddy and Maria Elena Holly Plaza.

Consider this; I'm ok paying a fair price to a woman who has a legal right to it. I also think scrapping a $6 million dollar visitor's center is the responsible thing to do, but what I don't get is why we have to put Maria Elena Holly's name on the Buddy Holly Plaza. She didn't sing those songs, she never had a #1 hit, and she sure isn't from Lubbock.

Again, I think she's owed every penny she's getting, but I question whoever thought it was a good idea to put her name on this major city project. 

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