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Slide Road's Growing Pains

The Tara House has to be moved by April 15th, and plans to expand Slide Road are set to start just days after on April 20th.

Some area residents are concerned about the construction project so NewsChannel 11 went to City Hall to check out the plans. "The Tara House is located right in here and the new road would go right through here. The new road would line up perfectly with the existing intersection," says City Engineer Larry Hertle.

'Perfect' is not a word Whisperwood resident Taine Convoy would use to describe the expansion project set to take place. "I see no need to extend Slide because you can get through on Quaker and on 4th Street to the other side of the Loop. It just seems excessive to me," says Convoy.

Councilman Jim Gilbreath says there is a need because of development and growth in Northwest Lubbock. "Well, it'll make the new area just north of the Loop very much more accessible. It'll relieve traffic congestion in that part of town and over here on Quaker where it runs to the loop," says Gilbreath.

"There are existing roads in the Whisperwood area and the curve line will actually be farther from those houses then it is right now," says Hertle pointing at existing expansion plans.

On the other side of Slide is Fire Station #7 and according to plans the driveway will be shortened. Hertle says the city hopes to be done with the Slide road expansion just in time for TxDOT to begin construction that would take the Loop over Slide road.

Convoy dreads the construction. "Well, I'm not looking forward to it. It's going to be very inconvenient," she says. 

"It'll help developments, tax base and I don't think there'll be a big problem between 4th Street and the North Loop," says Gilbreath.

Fire Chief Rhea Cooper says he's aware the expansion will shorten Station 7's driveway. Which raises concern about getting the large trucks in and out of the station, but Chief Cooper says by moving some trees to a different part of the property they think the trucks will have room to turn in and out of the station. 

During construction there will always be half the driveway open for the fire trucks. Chief Cooper says it's an issue he will be keeping a close eye on once construction starts. 

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