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Sniper Shootings: A Mother's Fear

People living and working in the Washington D.C. area are no doubt living in fear these days. But that terror and anxiety extends well beyond the Washington metro area. A Lubbock mother says she fears the worst every time she hears there's been another shooting. That's because Brandi Delleast's son, her daughter-in-law, and her two grandchildren live in the Washington D.C. area.

Brandi says she is terror struck from the time there's a shooting until she gets a hold of her son and finds out he and his family are all right. But even then, the sense of relief is very temporary. There is no such thing as peace of mind for Delleast right now. Peace of mind has been stolen from her by a cold blooded killer.

"Every time there's a report that someone's been shot, a knife goes to my heart. I call my son or see on TV that it wasn't him and I cry anyway because someone else's loved one is dead," says Delleast.

Delleast says she can't stop watching the news, hanging on to every word, hoping to hear that a killer has been caught, and her son and his family are okay.

"When he talks to me, he's pretty cavalier about it, you know, so he won't worry me. But they're worried just like everyone else is. I guess I worry more because I'm way down here and they're way up there," says Delleast.

Delleast's son Randy, his wife Teresa, and their two daughters Stephanie and Sarah live near Washington.

"Everybody up there is living in terror," says Delleast.

Delleast talks to Randy on the phone all the time. She says he and his family are trying to go on with their lives, but every move they make is made with more caution. They haven't changed their routine, but they keep the children inside as much as possible. She says Randy tries to be reassuring on the phone.

"But I can hear the fear in his voice and the caution and everything. He just doesn't want me to worry, but I do worry," she says.

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