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TTUHSC Reminds Parents of the Right Way to Give Medicine

We are right in the middle of cold and flu season, so you may find yourself reaching for medicine during the night to soothe a child's cough or to bring down a temperature.  That's why pediatricians at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center want to remind us that giving medicine to a child is just as important as reading directions.

TTUHSC pediatrician Dr. Amanda Hudgins, says, "You always want to use something that's designed for measuring medicine.  You can use the cup that comes with the medicine and it should be marked off in the different dosages.  Or use a syringe that is made for medicine, so you can measure it out that way.  What you don't want to use is the kitchen spoon, which is the easiest thing to do, but is not the most accurate way to measure medicine". 

Dr. Hudgins says just look at the different spoons in your drawer and you will see teaspoons come in different sizes.  She also reminds us to never give a kid a kiddie portion of adult medicine.  Grown-up medicine may contain alcohol or other ingredients that are not appropriate for children.

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