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Preview of Super Bowl Commercials

We've long since passed the days of the Budweiser frogs, and ever since advertising agencies across the country have been trying to come up with something equally as entertaining.

More than 100 million viewers will see this year's Super Bowl ads. For just 30 seconds, nearly $3-million is spent on each one.

For you football fanatics, Super Bowl 43 is just days away. But before you get your chips and drinks, you might want to pay close attention to this year's commercials because you may see a familiar face. "People are watching the game just for the Super Bowl commercials," said Fiesta Motors Sales Manager Robert Rodriquez. 

Fiesta Motors in Lubbock held a Super Commercial Contest this year. "We had just a ton of entries and basically people in Lubbock would just go around and grab a camera and make their own Fiesta Motors commercial," said Rodriquez. 

The winner will be awarded $1,500 and the commercial will be played during halftime. It'll be their 30 seconds of fame, and maybe a little more. "We'll put it in rotation for a little while and give them some credit for a while because they did a great job," said Rodriquez. 

It's just a little piece of Super Bowl 43 to call Lubbock's own. You can catch all the commercials and the Super Bowl right here on NewsChannel 11 this Sunday at 5 p.m. The pregame show starts at 11 a.m.

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Arizona and Pittsburgh will play for the NFL crown in Super Bowl 43 on Sunday, February 1st in Tampa.

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