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Local Nut Industry Responds To Peanut Butter Products Recall

Lubbock area peanut growers are worried.  The list of peanut butter products has become so long and complicated that even local grocery stores are struggling to figure it out. 

Back here on the South Plains our local peanut industry is defending their product. Shelly Nutt with the Lubbock-based Texas Peanut Producers Board says, "Peanuts don't have salmonella in them. When they are roasted they're cooked at such a high temperature there's no live bacteria. It had to come from the facility or machinery. It could happen in any food industry. It just hit peanuts."

"This has been a terrible tragedy in our nut family," says Nutt.  Only Georgia is a bigger source of peanuts than Texas.  And many of those Texas nut farmers live within a two-hour's drive of Lubbock.

Shelly Nutt says farmers were already facing tough times even before the recall. In 2008 there was an oversupply of peanuts.  Nutt says, "So, we have all these peanuts and they're waiting to be processed."

Jars of peanut butter are okay.  It's the peanut butter paste that King sells to other food companies that has become suspect. 

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FDA Peanut Butter Recalls
Click here for the latest from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on the peanut butter/salmonella recall.

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