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Mayor Martin Comments on Retaliation Claims

The attorney for a Lubbock employee says he has proof that Mayor Tom Martin is engaged in retaliation. Kevin Overstreet remains the supervisor over Animal Control Services, but he was removed late last year as the city's Director of Emergency Management. Overstreet has claimed retaliation since that time. 

On Friday, Overstreet's attorney, Rod Hobson, said publicly that there's new evidence. He says Mayor Tom Martin called SPAG or the South Plains Association of Governments and demanded that Overstreet be removed from their first responder advisory board. "And they're like 'We really can't do that. We just appointed Kevin on for another two year term.'  And he says, 'By gosh if you can't do that we'll look at a cut in funding,'" says Hobson.

Lubbock Mayor Tom Martin responded late Friday, saying it was not retaliation when called SPAG on Thursday. Martin freely admits he wanted to have the new Director of Emergency Management, Lewis Treadwell, appointed to SPAG's first responder advisory board.

Martin says at first he was told they could not remove Overstreet in order to put Treadwell on that board. Martin tells NewsChannel 11, "I said, 'That is ridiculous. We might have to re-evaluate our relationship with SPAG.'" 

Later it was discovered there was a vacancy on the board.  So, Martin can nominate treadwell after all. Martin says it was never about removing Overstreet.  It was about getting Treadwell onto the advisory board.  Therefore, he says, there was no retaliation.

Kevin Overstreet Job Evaluations
Read the last three City of Lubbock employee evaluations for Kevin Overstreet. (Note: Document may take a few moments load. You will need Acrobat to open this file.)

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