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Free Tax Refund Help For Low Income Families

The Coalition of Community Assistance Volunteers is a nonprofit organization that reaches out to the low income working class.   Helping them by offering free income tax assistance, by volunteers trained by the IRS, five days a week.

The CCAV help people get returns in income tax credits that they might not receive if they didn't file a tax return.  Lower income residents could be missing out on thousands of dollars by not filing for the earned income tax credit.

According to the IRS in 2002, more than $10-million in earned income credits were left unclaimed in Lubbock County alone.

"That's income that those familes need that they spend in Lubbock County and it's very, very important," said Vice President of the CCAV Steve Anderson.   

Debra Taylor, a single mother, has found herself depending on the free income tax preparation for the last six years. "Every dime helps, every penny helps, that's the money that me and my child use and we put in the bank and some of it goes to college and some of it goes to maintenances on my home," said Taylor. 

To qualify, your income depends on your family size.   If your family size is two people, you must make $33,990 or less. If your family consists of 5 people or more you must make $43,350 or less to get the free assistance.

Before Taylor hired someone to prepare her tax return, an added expense that wasn't really in her budget.

"Not having to give the preparer two or three hundred dollars like I was doing, I can use that money for other things now," said Taylor. 

The service will continue until April 15th.  For more information Click here  or you can call the CCAV at 687-2228.


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