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People Across the South Plains Gear Up For Super Bowl

It's the kick off before the kick off. Chips, drinks, and those items for the grill are top sellers on the day before Super Bowl.

"I'm sure before the day is over, we'll restock and they'll clean us out again tomorrow," said Market Street Front End Manager Josiah Scully.

Market Street on 50th and Indiana say they have really felt the rush as people get ready for their parties. "People get really excited about it and even though they aren't local teams or anything like that you definitely see people coming in and supporting their teams with their jerseys and getting ready for the big game," said Scully. 

"I got a little bit of everything really at the bottom of the stack I got the spare ribs, I like to smoke them, then we got the T bones, some hamburgers, and the hot links and the smoked sausage," said Mando Reyna as he prepares for the Super Bowl. 

"Today you have to stock up for the Super Bowl, I'm looking at the basics, the meat the chips, the avocados for the guacamole you have to get the eats handled and I'm going to take care of that here," said Super Bowl watcher Wesley Cole.   

And some say a Super Bowl party just isn't complete without, "Beer, got to have your kegs, got to have your alcoholic beverages," said Tyler Holmes. 

Crossed Keys on the Strip says they have plenty of specials to quench people's thirst on Sunday.

"From about noon to about 5 tomorrow, we'll be pretty steady, then once that game kicks off we'll be a ghost town out here," said Crossed Keys Manager Derek Pirtle. 

And despite no Texas teams heading to Tampa, many have a favorite in mind.

"I'm going to go for the Cardinals a bunch of losers never won anything. The Steelers have already had a bunch of championships so I'm going to go for the underdog," said Cole.   

"Steelers just because I'm not from here, I'm from Atlanta and apparently everyone else in Texas is for the Cardinals, but what can I say," said Steelers fan Steve Manley.   

No matter who you root for, one thing's for sure, it will be hard to find a person who's not watching the game. For Your Cell Phone
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