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Circuit City: Are You Getting a Deal?

"This is incredible. Circuit City is going out of business," showcases the latest advertisement on television. But is it really incredible? You've seen the signs, heard the commercial and it sounds like the sale of the century. Shopper Sammy Ortega walked out of Circuit City empty handed. "I heard they were closing down and it was 60 to 70 percent off but basically it's just like 20 to 30 percent. It's good but still pricey," says Ortega.

We decided to check it out so we took our hidden camera inside and at first glance the sale signs look promising. Twenty percent off DVDs and CDs - 20 percent off LCD TVs. Walking across the computer game from the popular show "Deal or No Deal," prompts the appropriate question. Are you getting a deal?

Store employees tell us that the merchandise was marked back up to MSRP and the discount is taken off the MSRP price. One Samsung 50 inch HDTV is marked $2299.99, and with the discount is $1724.99. That same television is on for $125 less.

That same employee told us that some of the stuff isn't really that great of a deal right now. Just 10 percent off computers and the Tom Tom One 125 with the 20% discount will cost you $143.99. The exact same model is on for under $100. One of the companies running the sale defends the prices telling the Los Angeles Times, "We have commitments to banks and creditors who are expecting a certain return." 

"I figure next month I'll find what I'm looking for at a better price," says Ortega. Good news for him, liquidation sales do get better with time, but you run the risk of not seeing what you want on the shelves. It's a risk Ortega says he's willing to take. And remember all sales are final.

Be sure to shop around and compare prices before you buy so as not to waste your money. These Tips come from the Website

Circuit City gift cards will be honored but when the store is done so is your gift card. Circuit City's Advantage Plan is run by a third party and is still valid. All sales are final and anything you buy now cannot be returned even if it's broken.

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