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An Update on the California Octuplets

Just as the hospital says that the octuplets born one week ago in California are thriving, so is the controversy surrounding their birth. 

All the babies are still hospitalized but they are breathing on their own and drinking mostly donated breast milk. We know more about the mother now. Nadya Suleman, 33, has apparently been obsessed with having many children since she was a teenager. That is according to the babies' grandmother, who says Nadya had embryos left over from a previous pregnancy and wanted them implanted rather than destroyed.

So, the question remains: How did a mother of six get medical help to have eight more babies? Fertility expert, Dr. Arthur Wisot, says, "Under the age of 35, the usual number of embryos to be transferred is two and very often now we're even only putting one back - so do the math. This is way out of bounds".

The babies' grandmother says there was one donor for all 14 children but she would not identify who is he is.

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