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Lubbock Man Returns Home After $29 Super Bowl Trip

Craig Cox called this past weekend one to remember. NewsChannel11 introduced you to Cox during the week of the Super Bowl. He went to Super Bowl XLIII just $29.00 a ticket. Cox returned to Lubbock late Monday evening, and you won't believe how little he says he and his brother spent to attend the historic game.

"We're holding our tickets after security for that beep, and when you get that beep its like, okay this is the real deal," Cox said. 

 Cox returned home to Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport Monday night, after an unbelievable game of chance landed him two Super Bowl Tickets at $29.00 a piece.Fellow fans couldn't believe his story. 

"We were definitely liars, but no, there were a few fans that just thought that was the greatest thing ever," Cox said. 

He got his tickets by logging on to He says it's kind of the stock market for sports tickets. Cox and his brother picked Arizona and Pittsburgh to go the Super Bowl before the play-offs.  At that time it cost them $29.00.  So when they made it, Cox and his brother got the tickets for $29.00 a piece.

"I actually didn't believe it; I had the team go through the records just to make sure," CEO Gerry Wilson said. Wilson delivered the tickets to Cox and his brother in person at the Renaissance Hotel

"It was kind of funny as we were waiting for the tickets there, John Madden and Al Michaels, the guys that were calling the game, are walking in; my brother and I were sitting in there with John Madden and Al Michaels," Cox said. 

He tells NewsChannel11 their seats were great, right behind the Steelers' end-zone.  "A lot of the action actually happened in our end zone," Cox said. 

Here's the most amazing part of his story. Cox says the total cost for their trip, airfare, hotels, souvenirs, the game, and food is just $1,200 for him and his brother!

So we had to ask, will Cox try his luck again at He says definitely. "I've never been to the NHL or the NBA finals, so I think that's going to be the next quest. I don't know if we'll keep on putting in for the Super Bowl, but we'll probably start playing around with the NHL this year and the NBA as well," Cox said. For Your Cell Phone
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