Always Day Spa - The perfect gift this Valentine's Day

Among most couples, there was a collective sigh of relief upon pulling out the 2009 calendar to discover that Valentines Day falls on a Saturday this year. A weekend V-day alleviates the pressure of rushing home from work trying to pull together a babysitter, roses and a romantic dinner for two - possibly four if the babysitter doesn't work out - while still thinking about early morning presentations and car pool at 7 a.m. Saturday allows for more creativity, time and best of all, a reprieve from the whose-husband-sent-the-best-flowers-to-office competition, a tedious game responsible for putting more men in the doghouse than forgotten anniversaries and birthdays combined.

As such, this makes Valentines Day 2009 the year of ease and relaxation.  Pricey flowers and chocolates have been replaced with soothing hot stones and facials. If a surprise week in the Caymans is not an option this year, the next best thing is giving your partner six hours of uninterrupted bliss at Lubbock's finest full-service day spa - Always Day Spa. This deluxe package will set you back about what you would spend on a dozen roses and dinner, but your partner will get personal wellbeing and peace without the calories.

Men have been buying their spouses and girlfriends spa gift certificates for years. However, spas have seen recently a significant increase in male use. Even the toughest working hands appreciate what a hot paraffin manicure does for calluses. Most men find Always Day Spa to be a welcoming, comforting environment and leave with a new perspective on the "spa experience." Ladies, perhaps this is the year to show your man what we've known for years - pampering the body does wonders for the spirit. Always has a custom Valentines package perfect for your man and price range.

There is always a forgotten demographic on February 14 - single people. While Valentines Day is, by design, a holiday for lovers, many single men and women are using the holiday as a declaration of their independence, and many retailers are latching onto this trend. Always Day Spa embraces those who choose to show some personal love on this day. Always invites you to host a massage party for you and other single friends or perhaps you would like to give yourself the gift of permanent makeup or the eyelash extensions you've been coveting.

A spa should be a retreat from the stresses of everyday life. The holiday devoted to love is a great excuse to give the gift of pampering to yourself or your loved ones, but perhaps 2009 is the year you don't need an excuse to spend more time caring for your body. Always Day Spa makes it easy to take time for you. Spa services are more targeted, economical and beneficial than ever before. We invite you melt your stress away at Always Day Spa.