Always Day Spa Menu of Services

Here is a list of services that Always Day Spa offers.

Massage Therapy

Swedish: A light to medium massage, promotes relaxation, circulation and healing.

Therapeutic: More detailed body work on specific muscle groups. Contains one or more of the following modalities:

  • Deep Tissue - Working to reach deep inside muscle groups
  • Trigger Point - Focuses on releasing knots in specific muscles.
  • Myofacial Release - Loosens adhesions and lifts connective tissue making it possible for muscles to glide.
  • Cupping - Specially designed suction cups and Swedish massage techniques for releasing adhesions, muscle tension, and stress.

Medical: Specific areas worked according to Doctor's direction.

Pricing for above as follows:

30 minutes $40.00
60 minutes $60.00
90 minutes $85.00
120 minutes $115.00

Aromatherapy: Pure essential oils are applied to the body and infused in the room for a rejuvenating effect.

60 Minutes $70

Warm Stone: Basalt Stones are warmed, oiled and massaged into your muscles creating a healing hydrotherapy treatment.

90 Minutes $95

Reflexology: Focused massage of hands, feet and ears. Increases circulation, detoxifying and cleansing the whole body.

30 Minutes $50

Reiki Treatments: A Japanese word meaning "Universal Life Energy" - the energy of life itself. Work is done with the subtle energies at a cellular level.

30 minutes $40
60 minutes $60

Reflexology and/or Reiki can be added to most massage treatments.

*times may vary a few minutes depending on scheduling

Chair Massage - On site: We offer 5, 10, 15, or 20 minute massages. We bring our massage chairs to your place of business or social event. (bridal parties, employee benefits, promotions, etc.)

Body Treatments
Salt Glow Body Polish

Fragrant scrub created with pure natural ingredients such as almond oil and vitamin E.

Grape Seed Body Polish

Exfoliate the skin while receiving the benefits of grape seed oil rich in vitamins E, C and antioxidants.

Indian Sunset Body Wrap

Sedona's iron-rich clay draws out impurities and detoxifies the body without dehydrating it.

Detox Herbal Wrap

A fleece sheet is soaked in an infusion of several herbs and then you are wrapped and kept warm for 20 minutes, detoxifying your body.

*If you would like a treatment we do not have listed, please inquire.

Skin Care
Personalized Facial

Deep pore cleansing leaves your skin soft and rebalanced without unsightly extraction marks. Vapor mist and hydration treatment included.

Alpha Plus

A resurfacing facial designed to stop the aging clock. Dead skin cells are sloughed off allowing new cells to surface brightening the skins' color & reducing toxicity buildup.

Clinic Plus for Blemishes

A therapeutic treatment designed to help get blemishes under control without scarring. Includes exfoliation, vapor mist, ampoule treatment & mask.

Microdermabrasion with facial

Skin restoration procedure with facial.

Chemical Peels

Starting at $65.00
Consultations required to determine individual skin needs. (Rhonda Jones can supply more information on the above treatments.)


Five Treatments

Permanent Cosmetic Makeup:

State of the art technique is medically proven and specifically designed to be completely safe. Your makeup will last for years.

  • Eyeliner $200
  • Lips (top and bottom) $300
  • Brows $300
  • Other - Consultation
Lash & Brow Tinting (Price Each)

A FDA approved temporary color applied to lashes or brows.

Nail Treatments

A mini miracle to shape & refine tired, stressed nail & cuticles.

Hydrating Manicure

Enjoy an ultimate moisturizing treatment with the use of paraffin to deeply moisturize skin & condition cuticles.

Spa Manicure

Enjoy a skin refining manicure with the use of exfoliating sea salts, hydrating paraffin including an invigorating hand and arm massage.

Exfoliating Pedicure

Treat your feet with an enjoyable pedicure including basic nail shaping and cuticle cleanup with callus reduction. This is followed by sea salt exfoliation & a leg & foot massage.

Hydrating Mask Pedicure

The exfoliating pedicure with an invigorating mask designed to stimulate & refresh tired feet.

Soothing Spa Pedicure

Relax for approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours while enjoying all the features of the hydrating mask pedicure with the added bonus of deep moisturizing paraffin & warm mitts.

*All manicures and pedicures are finished with your choice of polish.

Nail Enhancements

Spoil your hands with one of our many enhancements. We offer acrylic overlays, sculptured nails, or a wide variety of tips. Fiberglass, silk, & gel nails are also available, or come in for a polish change or nail repair.

  • Full Sets - $50.00
  • Fill - $30.00
  • Repairs - $5.00
  • Overlays (natural nails) - $40.00
  • Buff & Polish - $15.00
  • French Polish add - $5.00
Hair At Always

(all prices stated are the "starting" price, going up according to length and difficulty of styles)

  • $15 to $40
  • Standard - Starting at $20
  • Special Occasion - Starting at $35
  • Starting at $55
Keratin Smoothing:
  • Starting at $300
  • Starting at $50
  • Starting at $45
  • Additional Color Starting at $20

Eyelash Extensions:

  • (initial) $190

Hair Extensions:

  • consultations
Hair Removal
  • Lip, Brow, Chin, Sideburns - Starting at $12
  • Face - Starting at $35
  • Half Leg - Starting at $40
  • Full Leg - Starting at $75
  • Half Arm - Starting at $30
  • Full Arm - Starting at $55
  • Bikini - Starting at $25
  • Brazilian - Consultations
Two Part Permanent Hair Removal

After waxing the hair, a two part gel system is massaged onto the waxed area.  Eight to twelve applications are required to achieve permanent removal. Call for consultation. The procedure is effective and much more cost efficient and less painful than laser treatments.

Always Day Spa Packages

Ultimate Day at the Spa (Approx. 6 Hours)


  • European Facial
  • Grape Seed Body Polish
  • One Hour Massage
  • Hydrating Manicure
  • Spa Pedicure
  • Enjoyable Lunch

Half Day Deluxe (Approx. 4.5 Hours)


  • Facial
  • One Hour Massage
  • Paraffin Manicure
  • Exfoliating Pedicure

Revitalizer (Approx. 3.5 Hours)


  • Half hour neck & shoulder massage
  • Hydrating Manicure
  • Spa Pedicure

Renewal Package (Approx. 2.5 Hours)


  • Alpha Plus Facial
  • One hour Massage

Pamper Me (Approx. 2 Hours)


  • One Hour Body Treatment of Choice
  • One Hour Massage

Relaxing Day Break (Approx. 2 Hours)


  • Half hour Neck & Shoulder Massage
  • Mini Manicure
  • Mini Pedicure