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One Family Travels Overseas To Remember Buddy Holly

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - It doesn't matter how long he's been gone, because his music is unforgettable. "The one reason is the 50th anniversary of Buddy Holly's death that we are here and we wanted to be here.  It's been a dream to come and do this trip," said Vicky Brown who traveled from England.  A trip that started on the Southern Coast of England, more than 5000 miles away ended here in Lubbock.

For Irene Bridger and her two daughters Chris Draper and Vicky Brown they couldn't imagine being anywhere else. "He put Lubbock on the map and I think he should be recognized for that and I'm really pleased this is here," said Draper. 

30 years ago Draper visited Lubbock, but wasn't impressed with the way Buddy Holly was represented. "I was very disappointed; there was a recreation area that was called the Buddy Holly Recreation area, nothing else. I didn't feel like it was Buddy Holly's birthplace when I was here then but I'm really pleased to see the center and the statue," said Draper. 

But while she was here some decades ago, she met a friend Debra Robinson, a Lubbock native. They remained pen pals never knowing if their love for Holly would one day bring them together again. "When she told me that she wanted to be here for the 50th anniversary of Buddy Holly, I thought this is really going to happen," said Robinson. 

And it did, Monday morning when the two were reunited. "I haven't seen her for 30 years and my mom said yeah I think that's her and she walked in the door and there were just big hugs," said Draper. 

The four of them visited the Buddy Holly Center and his grave site on the 50th anniversary. "It's nice to see people are leaving flowers," said Draper. 

Draper remembers the first time she heard holly sing. "My mom's mom loved Buddy Holly and Bill Haley and she had an old gramophone and it had a little white button on the front of it and I can remember I loved Raining in My Heart and It Doesn't Matter Anymore and every time she played it I thought he was inside this gramophone cabinet and I actually broke it trying to get to him," said Draper. 

Fond memories of a Lubbock man who brought these women across the world. "I would like to think I would come back, whether I have a will or not would be another story, but I'm sure my girls will come back if not my grandchildren," said Bridger.

A rock and roll legend whose music and life have inspired many and many to come.

Buddy Holly Center Celebrations Continue Tuesday
The Buddy Holly Center would like to invite the public to an event celebrating the lives and legacies of three rock and roll legends.

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