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Covenant Pediatrician Advises Parents About Concussions

On the playing field or even during playtime at home, how do you know if a collision brings on a concussion?  Tuesday in our segment HealthWise at Five, Dr. Jeremy Dalton, a Covenant pediatrician, explained a good rule of thumb when it comes to hard knocks. 

Dr. Dalton advises that when an athlete has taken a hard hit or has a concussion, "They need to sit out at least 20 minutes, and that's if they're completely asymptomatic right after the event.  But if they have a more serious concussion, involving confusion or loss of consciousness, then they will need to sit out for much longer.  If it's a serious concussion, then they need to be out a week or a month even".

Dr. Dalton adds that if it is a concussion, the child needs to see a doctor to rule out any problems before returning to a game.  He also says to remember that the best way to prevent a head injury is, from riding a bike to playing sports, to wear a helmet.

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