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Latin Lotto Scam Tricks Lubbock Man into Losing Thousands

"To tell you the truth I feel stupid. As old as I am, I've never been scammed for nothing. All these years; 72, 73, I'll be 74 this year and I've never been scammed for money," says one Lubbock man, who wants us to conceal his identity. It's been six months since he got taken for $10,000. So when the news hit about Wednesday's Latin lotto scam, he felt the victims pain and embarrassment.

The elderly couple was approached by a man at a downtown post office parking lot.. The man said he had a winning lottery ticket but he wasn't a U.S. citizen and couldn't cash it in, and that's where he needed their help. Eventually, the couple was tricked into putting some of their jewelry in a bag.
Which the thieves switched for a bag filled with rocks and paper.

Lubbock Property Crimes Detective, Anita Barbosa says this doesn't have to happen to you. You can outsmart the suspect by knowing these three important things. "The Texas Lottery Commission will never tell you, you've won a prize over the phone, they will not do that. They also don't request any money up front at all, also you don't have to be a U.S. citizen to claim this prize."

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