Re-Bath specializes in one-day bathroom remodeling

Our Products:

1. Bathtub Liners
Re-Bath Bathtub Liners are custom manufactured to fit perfectly over your old ugly bathtub. Professional installation is completed in just a few hours and your new bath is ready for use the same day!

Re-Bath's patented installation technology and unmatched inventory of 800 cataloged bathtub liner molds, guarantee a perfect water tight fit. Each Re-Bath Bathtub Liner is manufactured from a 1/4" thick sheet of lustrous, impact-resistant Durabath SSP.

We feature designer colors to match any bathroom decor, plus we offer a variety of apron fronts for you to choose from.

2. Wall Surround Systems
The stunning beauty of a Re-Bath Wall Surround System will transform your bathroom from dull to dramatic,plus it can help increase the value of your home.

Each Re-Bath Wall Surround System is custom manufactured to cover your existing bath and shower walls. There is no need for messy, time-consuming and expensive demolition. Better yet, no out-of-date tile walls or difficult to clean grout lines.

Our color and style options plus innovative designs and installation system truly set Re-Bath apart. We have over 20 options to choose from thanks to our wide variety of colors, heights, and styles.

your peace of mind is important to us. That is why we manufacture our Wall Surround Systems from the finest materials available. You will also experience our commitment to excellence through our Thermal Expansion Joints, which eliminate cracking in wall corners and separation from original walls. Our seamless leg extensions prevents water from rolling off the bathtub and shower shelf and into the framework of your home.

3. Bathtub to Shower Conversions for saftety.
Shower Base Liners
ReBath Shower Base Liners are custom manufactured to fit perfectly over any size and style shower base. Our revolutionary design and installation technology mean we can go over virtually any size and shape shower base.

Professional installation is completed in just a few hours and the shower is ready to use for the next day. Plus our installation technology guarantees a perfect watertight fit without disturbing your walls, floors or plumbing.

Each Shower Base Liner is manufactured from a 1/4" thick sheet of lustrous, impact-resistant Durabath SSP. This special material will not fade, ship, peel, or mildew. We also do bathtub to shower conversions.

4. The ReBath Story
ReBath believes that Bath remodeling doesn't need to be a messy, expensive headache. Since our inception in 1979, we've pioneered an entirely new concept in home remodeling.
We call it "The Refreshing Remodel".

Why tear-up your home and disrupt your lifestyle with weeks of laborers, dust, debris and inconvenience? At ReBath we believe in preserving the tranquility of your home with quiet, clean, quick and affordable bath remodeling. Compared to traditional bath remodeling, ReBath is truly refreshing.

ReBath invites you to find sanctuary from the hectic demands of life in a warm, relaxing, soothing bath or rejuvenating shower. We feel that your bathing experience should occur in the most beautiful surroundings possible. ReBath presents you with an alternative to worn out bathtubs, outdated tile walls and dingy shower bases. After all, it's easier to enjoy a long soak or refreshing shower when you are surrounded by a fresh new bathtub, walls or shower.

ReBath can put you in a beautiful bath, better and faster than anyone. Within that span of one day, ReBath will transform your old bath into an invitin retreat from life's daily stress.

The store in Lubbock is locally owned and operated since 2007.

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