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Calls Reveal LISD Police Wouldn't Respond To Estacado H.S.

The Lubbock Independent School District addressed concerns Wednesday, after taped calls to Lubbock Police Dispatch revealed school police said they could not respond to Estacado High School.  The district says mis-communication led to at least two calls where a dispatcher for LISD Police and Safety told Lubbock Police they would not respond to incidents at Estacado.

LPD called LISD to respond to a report of a student threatening a teacher in early December and then again in late January for a possible sexual assault at the school. Both times, LISD told LPD to send their officers.

LISD: "Good morning, police and safety."
LPD: "Yes ma'am, this is PD. I just got a report from one of our sergeants saying that there's a student threatening a teacher over at Estacado. Do you not respond to Estacado?"
LISD: "No, we'll dispatch it to an LPD Officer."

LISD: "Good morning, police and safety."
LPD: "One of our city marshals is at Estacado High School. He's requesting an officer to meet him in the front office. He said he's got a possible sexual assault that occurred on campus." 
LISD: "This is LISD Police and Safety. I gave Mr. Nichols the message, and he said we're not allowed at Estacado, so if you could please send an LPD Officer."

LISD Superintendent Wayne Havens addressed this issue. He says Estacado has been proactive in the approach they've taken this year, initiating a School Resource Officer (SRO) Program.  "They don't go to Estacado, unless there is an emergency situation where there's not another officer there, and then they would respond," Havens said. 

"Probably the short coming here, that I would say on our part, is the communication issue. There's not any doubt we dropped the ball on that issue. Certainly the call over to dispatch area was not what you'd like to have," Havens continued. 

Havens says Estacado always had proper supervision. He says up to three Lubbock Police Resource Officers are on campus at any given time, but he says LISD Officers can always respond to any campus.

LISD School Board President Gordon Wilkerson tells NewsChannel 11 he was not aware of any such program, and calls this situation unacceptable. We'll tell you more about what he had to say on NewsChannel 11 at Ten.

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