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Twin Study Examines Aging

How is it that twins with identical genes could age differently? A new study from Cleveland University Hospitals Case Medical Center, studied dozens of pictures of twins who attended the Annual Twins Day Festival and researchers found that we might be born with a blueprint of how we should age, but a lot of outside influences can speed up that plan. 

You've probably heard that smoking, drinking and sun exposure can make you age faster, the Cleveland University study also found that people who lose a lot of weight after age 40 may become healthier on the inside while those who gain weight after age 40 may look younger on the outside.

Dr. Bahman Guyuron of University Hospitals Case Medical Center, says, "If you gain weight after age 40, you're going to look younger. What we are advocating is not losing excessive weight, because some individuals, erroneously, feel that if they lose weight, particularly become real, real thin, they're going to look attractive, they're going to look younger, which is not the case."

Doctors are not saying that you should gain weight to lose wrinkles, the simple fact is your lifestyle really can change how good you look and how fast you age. The study also found that twins who were divorced looked years older than the twin who wasn't, adding to the theory that stress plays a role in how quickly we age. 

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