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Monterey High School Student Sent To Hospital After Fight

High school kids get in fights, but they don't usually end in a trip to the hospital. That's what happened when two male Monterey High School students got in a fight over a girl.

The incident happened Tuesday afternoon, and two days later the student is still at Covenant Hospital. "An L.I.S.D. Officer and an L.P.D. Officer responded and broke up the fight. They found one juvenile fairly seriously injured, and he was transported to the hospital," said Lt. Neal Barron with the Lubbock Police Department. 

The fight happened across the street from Monterey High School. It was technically off campus, but L.I.S.D. says it's still in their jurisdiction. "Immediately we're going to send one or two principals to that location," said Jack Booe, the Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education at L.I.S.D. He says even if an incident happens off campus, discipline is the same.

 "Generally, for fighting the punishment is two or three days suspension from school, and that's to let the kids cool down and not be seeing each other there at school. Then probably two or three days in school suspension," said Booe. 

L.I.S.D. and the Lubbock Police Department are both still investigating, trying to determine exactly what happened. For Your Cell Phone
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