"There is No Place Like Home" First Mark Realtors

Home is where the heart is. Home is where you hang your hat. But perhaps Dorothy knew best when she said "There is no place like home."  Celeste Patterson and Christa Patterson, of First Mark Realtors, believe in Dorothy's philosophy and use their years of experience to help Lubbockites make their dream house a reality.

Yes, buying a house can be a seem to be a pretty scary and tedious process. You have to find a house that works for your family, one that has the right schools and amenities nearby, and one that fits your individual budget and style.  You want the right neighborhood, the right amount of bedrooms, the right paint colors, and all for the right price, of course.  Not to mention that you have to get financing in place. You may be looking for the perfect first home, the perfect townhouse for retirement, or the perfect place to raise your family.  Whatever the case, it needs to be perfect for you. That is where First Mark Realtors come in.  First Mark understands that you are not just buying a house, you are buying a home.

Shopping for that dream can be as simple as Dorothy clicking her red heels together:   With First Mark Realtors, you can find a home simply by the click of a mouse. Gone are the days of driving street after street, neighborhood after neighborhood searching for those "For Sale" signs wedged down into the dry dirt. A Sunday afternoon open house is still nice, but technology in the last decade has forever impacted the way we shop for everything from cars to real estate.  Free Listing Alerts can go directly to your email when a listing you are searching for goes online. You can view hundreds of properties on the internet, complete with photographs and listing details.  You want to know square footage? No problem. You want to know what the kitchen counters are made out of? Sure. You want to know how much stuff you can fit in the master closet.  Of course you can find that at firstmarkrealtors.com too.  Checking out real estate in Lubbock has never been so easy.

Some national stories paint a bleak picture of real estate sales.  But that is just not the case in Lubbock. The Hub City happily tends to reject national trends because of our sound economic base of education, agriculture and health care.  There were actually only two hundred and twenty less homes sold in 2008 than the previous year, meaning that the real estate market here in Lubbock is stable.  Better yet, the average prices of home sales were up about 3.5% last year. Lubbockites are retaining value in their homes and that is sure good news to hear.  In fact, Lubbock ranks 3rd in the state for the least amount of housing inventory on the market, behind only San Angelo and Northeast Tarrant County.  The forecasted trend for 2009 continues to look more than optimistic in our area.  2009 started off with a flurry of activity and new developments.  If you are looking to buy a new home, now is as good a time as any.

Settling on which house you want may even be the easy part!  If you have ever purchased, sold or rented a house, you remember the seemingly endless stacks of forms and paperwork that accompany the process. Having someone to help serve as a guide through that process can be priceless.    And if finding the right house turns out to be not as easy as you thought it would be, First Mark can help with that too.  Their variety of properties give a real set of options when it comes to buying your next home. Celeste Patterson, longtime Lubbock realtor, strives to create a first-rate business to serve clients.  She currently serves on the Lubbock Board of Realtors and has a GRI designation, along with having served in the past as the MLS Chairman for the Lubbock Association of Realtors.  Celeste is a familiar face in the Lubbock community as well, serving as the 2009 Lubbock Association of Realtors Co-Chairman for the United Way Campaign Drive with the Board of Realtors. What that means is that FirstMark Realtors can use their industry knowledge to make buying, selling or renting a home as easy as that warm apple pie that you can bake in your new oven.